• Hoet Eyewear

    The line of HOET spectacle frames comprises about forty models at present in stainless steel, titanium or buffalo horn.
    Each model is available in 3 colours: natural, black or gold, or in a combination of those colours.
  • Amadeo
    Titanium with wood
    Natural - Merbau
    Black - Merbau
    Black -Ebony

  • Ali
    Titanium natural brushed
  • Aliki
    Titanium gold brushed
  • Aimee
    Titanium with PVD gold
  • Alana
    Titanium with PVD black
  • Anton

    Titanium natural shiny polished

  • Alef

    Titanium natural polished

  • Armand

    Titanium with PVD black

  • Aymeric

    Titanium with PVD black

  • Albert

    Titanium natural polished

  • Alice

    Titanium with PVD black polished with genuine pearl

  • Alix

    Stainless steel with PVD gold

  • Aicha

    Stainless steel natural polished

  • Alistair

    Stainless steel with PVD black polished

  • Abigail

    Titanium with PVD black

  • Ave

    Stainless steel with PVD black

  • Achilles

    Titanium with PVD gold polished and black ’eyebrows’

  • Beaudine

    Buffalo horn black

  • Baptiste

    Buffalo horn brown with stripes

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